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’Entelechy’ is an uplifting mix of choral extravaganza, ambient beats, stirring melodies and above all, the beautiful voice of mezzo-soprano Renata Jonscher. Here the spirit of the Classics and the sounds of today merge in a rich cascade of musical grace and charm. As well as 6 music tracks this CD includes the video 'Islands of Sorrow’ (as seen on Classic FMTV) via a PC or Mac compatible player.

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All tracks composed, arranged & produced by: Patrick Wilson
Lyrics by: Tim Williams
Mezzo-Soprano: Renata Jonscher
Tenor: Neil Jenkins 
Choir: Neil Jenkins Chorale & boys of St Christopher’s School, Hove
Video produced and directed by: Jai Michael at Coverdrive Productions 
Photography: David Goldman 

Copyright © Renata Jonscher 2006
Copyright © Patrick Wilson Music 2006