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Eternal Light (Lux Aeterna) 

This CD single is a ‘modern classical’ piece, written by Brighton-based UK musician and composer Patrick Wilson. 
Originally, it was specially composed for a short film tribute to the victims of the London bombings ( 7/7/2005), by London filmaker Kathy Hill. The CD features the exceptional vocals of Renata Jonscher, and the well-known tenor, Neil Jenkins. Neil Jenkins sings in both the Welsh National Opera and the English National Opera, and performs regularly at Glyndebourne. They are accompanied by the Neil Jenkins Chorale and the delightful voices of the girls of Lancing College Choir.

Written for harp, organ, cello and choir, the music has a notably religious atmosphere: sensitive, beautiful and dignified. The vocals of Renata Jonscher and Neil Jenkins complement each other excellently, providing exquisite harmonies over the instantly appealing melody of the composition.

Video on Classic FM TV

Also released is a fresh video of the music, directed by Jai Michael of Coverdrive Productions. It was filmed in the stunningly beautiful chapel at Lancing College (which, incidentally has the second highest church roof in the UK, after Westminster Abbey). The setting of the chapel provides the perfect situation for the elegantly produced and very evocative video, with particularly creative shots of the singers, the chapel, candles and the choir. All in all, this piece is certainly one of the most engaging current releases in this genre and is well-worth watching out for on Classic FM TV over Christmas.

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Music composed, arranged & produced by: Patrick Wilson
Mezzo-Soprano: Renata Jonscher
Tenor: Neil Jenkins 
Choir: Neil Jenkins Chorale & girls of Lancing College Choir
Video produced and directed by: Jai Michael at Coverdrive Productions 
Post production, Photography and CD artwork: Jurgen Ziewe 

Copyright © Renata Jonscher 2006
Copyright © Patrick Wilson Music 2006